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我最喜欢的动物英语yabo88亚博体育app (100字)

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  I like the small animals is pure white cat, it whole body white hair like snow let me very love, its eyes narrowed into a crack during the day, night round, like two emeralds. His ears have been up, as long as you move, his ears will move; His hearing is very agile, as long as people walk on by, it will be called "meow"; Its teeth are very hard, and spiky, eating up to very easily, I like it very much.

  Remember once, my brother come to my house to play, the kitten, enthusiasm has been rushed brother "smile". Brother see him so lovely, then come up with a very thick wool, want to know the cat likes to play with wool, yarn in hand, brother cat followed, wool from turning in the past, the cat rushed over, not caught, himself closed on empty air, my mother and I laughed, cat is a little angry, brother, in a piece of cloth, bend, kitten, and save the empty, this is brother became a "bucket" cat. Brother and five stool was placed in a row, put the wool in stool to mouth, cat rushed over, to bite the yarn, I cheered for it, and happy for it.

  If winter comes, I built a warm nest to the Kitty, it was very happy. Whenever I go home from school on the stairs, the cat is lying on the sofa waiting for me, I entered, it smile on his face became a flower. See I bought it, eat happily licks my hand, very enthusiastic!

  One day, my father told me: "you see, a dog is loyal, treacherous court official but the cat." I try so hard, favour say: "the cat is my favourite animal, treacherous court official it isn't!" Mom came running when the referee, set each write like cats or dogs 5 reason, then the evaluation of high and low. I brush flash, 1, I like cats; 2, the kitten's fur is very smooth; 3, the cat is very sincere to me; 4, the cat is very lovely; 5, the cat is very clever. Just finished writing, I looked up to see dad, ha, he wrote two, we all handed over after the volume, the referee on the grounds that the father wrote the word much, the father victory. I am very defy spirit, I believe that I will lovely kittens are guardians forever!

  Kitten, naughty, lovely, he brought happiness to my life, no matter what, my favorite animal is cat!







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